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"We Treat Everyone With Dignity & Respect”
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"When Only The Best Will Do!"

Whatever your budget -- Whatever your dream.

Established in 1998, we remain committed to arranging - to your definition - excursions aboard well maintained, appropriately and properly equipped boats that range in size from 23' to 92, crewed and staffed by the best Captains and Mates of Cabo San Lucas.

We Arrange Awesome
Sunset and Sightseeing Cruises
Whale Watching in Season
Bachelor Parties
Bachelorette Parties
Corporate Events
We're Engaged Parties
I'm Retired Parties
Birthday and Anniversary Parties
If you Can Dream It We Can Do It
On board Chefs Included on Luxury Yachts

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23' Super Pangas
Mid-size Cruisers 26' to 34'
Sportfishers and Yachts 35' to 92'
On board Chefs Included on Luxury Yachts

Call us Tollfree from anywhere in the world
You will be treated with Dignity and Respect.
Your questions will be answered, your concerns addressed.

Tens of thousands of Satisfied and Return VIP Guests before you are the true testament to our continued and unparalleled success.

Staying true to the fishing and sportfishing industry here, offering something for all tastes and all budgets, is what we are extremely proud of!

Are we asked about buying real estate or boats? Of course we are. There are many local professionals with whom we have established relationship foundations over the 25 years since we began our first business here. We confidently offer referrals, just as we receive referrals from VIP Guests who had had their own Cabo Magic ® Experience and want to share it with everyone they know!

What are we most proud of?
A hard question to answer because there are many of our accomplishments
that have created and helped to shape the face of the industry here.
Not bragging - just stating fact.

First to create and maintain a website that to this very day proudly displays more than four thousand (over 200 pages) of photos shared with us by crews and VIP Guests going back to day one in the year 2000. This website was custom created by us piece by piece. It was the first of its kind. It was the cornerstone for what you now see by online booking agencies.

First to establish "No Double Bookings".

First to offer a tollfree telephone line. We worked with (as beta testers) the original founder of Vonage in 1999 (when downtown CSL got DSL !!) to see if their VoiceOverIP technology would work outside of the USA. Today everyone offers Vonage to guests staying in private homes/villas/condos. Hotels use Vonage too!

You may recall the free English classes offered in our office on Lazaro Cardenas at the corner of Matamoros that we leased from the original owner of The Giggling Marlin.  We were thrilled and delighted to allow anyone - regardless of what company they worked for - to attend. We wanted to make things better for everyone - We succeeded. It was heartwarming when attendees asked if they could bring family members - learning English - even conversational - would help them secure a job in the exploding hospitality industry.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to create your dream adventure.

2019 and here we are still doing what we love!

"Our Work Is Your Play" ©

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Call Us Tollfree From Anywhere in The World.
 International Vonage  (VOiP)  +1-619 819 8634   
In USA Tollfree   888 475 5337   

In Cabo from a US/Canadian Cellphone 
Text Us at 619 886-2659

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