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Guests share their "CABO MAGIC" experience.

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Have been trying to find this for weeks, maybe months.


The Day begins with a walk on the sand
As I reach out to take her hand
Her heart and mine joined together as one
Life’s long journey together, with passion and fun
We made our trip “down Cabo way”
To relax, and fish, and take in the days
Julie and I were married this June
And chose Cabo Magic as part of our honeymoon
The boat was readied with captain and crew
Leaving little work for us to do
We boarded the boat and parted the dock
I guess it was somewhere around 7 o’clock
The sun coming up, the water slapping the hull
The day would turn out anything but dull
Hector was seated up high at the helm
We were about to embark on another realm
Taking part in a passion, that both of us share
It doesn’t really matter how we fare
The time spent together out on the seas
Relaxing and enjoying the gentle sea breeze
Then, out of nowhere, the rod gets a strike
Julie, in the chair, pulling with all her might
10 minutes later, with a dorado onboard
she admits that she’s feeling a little bit sore
with regrets I informed Hector of this
and thought to myself, “what would I miss?”
the afternoon arrives with Julie at the salon
then the phone rings“come on”
I’m back aboard, with a smile on my face
Thanking the Lord for His beauty and Grace
The outcome of the day was yet unknown
I wasn’t alone
For we made a bond, which neither of us knows
Just how far life will take it, and see how it goes
We were fishing again, although out of the zone
I had great news for Julie, when I got home
Strange as it sounds, funny as it seems
I happened to catch the Striped Marlin of my dreams
The excitement was filling, with enthusiasm galore
As we turned around and headed for shore
Our thanks goes to Tommy and Lori, for all that they’ve done
Helping to make our honeymoon undeniably fun
As the sun sets here now, in this South Texas land
I reach over and take Julie’s hand
We may be here, but our minds they do stray
Thinking of our friends “Down Cabo Way”.

Wriiten by
Travis F. W
Artesia Wells, Texas
July 06, 2004

We have had such a great experience year after year with your team. They always make the experience a great one. If it is just me, or it is my Wife and I – we always have the best time. Although I must admit when I take her with me – with out a doubt she gets the bigger fish.

Check out the picture of Amy with the 87 pound Dorado! What a catch!!

This year Day 1 caught and released 3 Striped Marlin....unheard of right? To top off the day we were 45 minutes late getting back in because of the fight on the 3rd Marlin (over 200lbs) pictured doing the dance across the water in the photo.
Day 2 we got into so many Dorado that at one point the first mate (Chato) and I both had to fight the fish at the same time to keep the rods bent
We caught 9 in all on the second day.

Thanks for the memories.
We are now totally exclusive to Cabo Magic for the best fishing every year!
Troy - Leawood, Kansas

Jan 12 2020

Hello there! We don't receive old-style letters anymore .. but we do receive emails and photos which are proudly posted on the VIP Guest Photos page and our Facebook and Instagram too ..

September 3 2019
When we receive a letter like this, the smiles, and the tears just flow .. Please see and enjoy VIP Guest Photos
We recently had the PLEASURE of fishing with Cabo Magic, owned by Tommy & Lori Garcia. I was personally in charge of booking a trip for 4x dads and 8x kids (ages 4 - 8). About half of the people I contacted during my research didn't want to help, and the other half tried to convince me to book a $5k - $6k charter aboard a 70-80ft boat. Cabo Magic immediately stood out from the rest of the pack. Lori personally called me within 5-minutes of my e-mail inquiry (other owners sent me a dismissive e-mail, or a prohibitive quote). We spent 30 minutes on the phone going over EXACTLY how I wanted my charter set-up. When the call was nearing a close, I asked Lori for some more time to hear back from other sportfishing operations - Since I was booking for 4x families, I wanted to make sure that I did my due diligence. Lori RESPECTFULLY allowed me to continue my search - No hard sell, no "takeaway" close - She just advised that she wanted our group to be happy, and encouraged me to call back if we wanted to book. After wasting another 15-minutes e-mailing and calling other operations, it was clear that Cabo Magic was our best choice from the start. I called Lori back, and we locked-in the trip.

On the day of the charter, I texted Lori to remind her that we were arriving with 8x kids, and accordingly, may be running a little behind. She assured me that the boat would remain ready to depart whenever we arrived. Sure enough, we showed up CLOSE to "on-time" (only 30-mins later than we had planned). There was a partner waiting in front of the dock gate (Roberto), who greeted me with a smile and a copy of my confirmation e-mail - If you've fished in Cabo you understand HOW IMPORTANT this little detail is. There are MANY parties in Cabo that will try to convince you to fish with them (even on the day of your pre-arranged charter). Having 8x kids on the boat, it was nice to have the extra level of security, knowing that we were boarding the ACTUAL boat that we had chartered. Roberto ferried us to the boat, and the crew helped each of the kids aboard. The food, drinks, and BAIT were all ready to go - Again, another an important detail, since we didn't have to waste 30-minutes chasing around the bait boats.

On the way out of the harbor, the Captain (Gil), lead deckhand (Raul), and assistant deckhand (Efrain) introduced themselves and asked us what we'd like to fish for. We explained that this trip was "all about the kids", and that we'd love to find something small (reef fish, schoolie dorado, etc.). Raul advised that the best reef was about 10-miles up the coast - He suggested setting the spread for marlin at the 2-3 mile mark, and then trolling while the group ate breakfast. If we hook up it's bonus, if we get skunked, we can reel-in and head to the reef after breakfast. The deckhands got to work baiting-up, tying on the jigs, and dropping back.

Within 5-minutes of trolling, we spotted a tailer - Throttle-down, and all of the kids are immediately excited and standing on the deck. The crew expertly navigated the minefield of tiny humans, and pitched a bait. The fish sunk-out, and we continued on our way. Within another 5-minutes - HOOK UP - Raul hooked a striper on the deep-dive dead-bait, and set the rod in the gimbal of the fighting chair. From here, it was non-stop action for the rest of the trip. All of the kids took turns reeling-in the fish, with the dads finishing the job as we approached the leader. We had discussed releasing all billfish as we were leaving the marina, and the crew was happy to leader the fish, get a photo with the kids, and ensure a clean release.

All told, we ended the day with 3x fish (85# Striper, 250# Blue, 350# Blue). It was the trip of a LIFETIME. How many kids get to reel-in a 350# Blue Marlin at ages 4-8, and how may dads get to share that experience with their kids? We are forever grateful - We couldn't have done it without Tommy & Lori, Roberto, Captain Gil, Raul, Efrain and CABO MAGIC!

Evan C. Williams

714.361.7079 Direct Line
NMLS ID #212633

August 7 2019

Highly recommend Cabo Magic.
I have worked with Tommy and Lori since 2001 for business groups and personal vacations.
Their service is outstanding.
Have organized groups of as many as 80 at a time for corporate events.
The fishing trips were flawless and every one of our attendees had a fabulous time.
The attention to detail is what I rely on - every time.
All boats and crews are fantastic in their own special ways.
Again, highly recommend.
Barbara Corcoran

Exclusive #CaboMagic VIP Guest Promotion

Schedule and confirm your non-tournament recreational day or days of fishing with us, from August 1st through August 31st 2019 for fishing dates between August 1st and December 31, 2019. (Cancellation of excursion/s removes guess/es)

Submit your guess of what you think will be the exact weight of the winning fish of one of any of these area tournaments.

Each day of fishing confirmed can guess for one tournament event. Only one guess per tournament.

Los Cabos Billfish TournamentFishing dates Oct 14/15/16
Bisbee's Los Cabos Offshore Fishing Dates Oct 18/19
Bisbee's Black and Blue Fishing Dates Oct 23/24/25 Bisbee's Offshore Fishing Tournaments tournament
Western Outdoor News Tuna Jackpot Fishing Dates Nov 7/8

The correct guess will receive a full day of fishing, aboard the vessel chosen by Tommy, with the day of fishing to be scheduled Jan 1st through December 31st 2020. Certain days, including some Holidays and all tournament days will be blocked.

If multiple guesses are correct for any tournament, the first correct guess entry received will receive the day of fishing.

For tournament information, go to tournament pages for the events or contact tournament directors.

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June 2019

Public Service Announcement #PSA

About Fishing/Angler Licenses - of which all passengers are required to have.

Until now, the Mexican Government permitted the purchase of licenses Conapesca locations, including the one in downtown San Diego. We have been advised by Tony and Rosa of a BACKDATED decision to June 1 2019 to cease selling licenses there.

Effective immediately --- and until further notice --- for all Cabo Magic charters --- licenses will be purchased in Cabo and be placed aboard the vessel you will be fishing on.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated understanding and cooperation.

June 2019

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If you are considering a fishing excursion and would like to speak directly with some of our VIP Guests please ask! We are happy to make the Cabo Magic Connection.

Tommy and Lori Garcia

Most thank you's are now received via text message


Just wanted to thank you for "hooking me up" with such an amazing trip. Although I have been fishing for almost 50 years, this was my first deep sea experience. My wife and I were going to be in Cabo for 3 days and I heard it was the Marlin capital of the world, so I decided I had to try! My research on the web pointed me to Cabo Magic, and my first interactions with Lori confirmed that I had made a good choice.
Captain Omar and his mate, Charlie, were very knowledgeable and worked extremely hard to get me on a fish. Not many boats were catching fish that day, but they managed to get me on a striped marlin after about an hour and a half. 50 minutes of battle later we landed a 135 pound very powerful fish (after 10 or 12 jumps). It was the thrill of a lifetime! We released him so someone else can get the same thrill on another day.
We also got a 30 pound tuna and a bonito.
I would strongly recommend Lori, Omar, Charlie, and Cabo Magic to " hook you up" too!!!!!!
Chris Gee
The Woodlands, Texas
March 8th, 2019

Dec 10 2018

Hi Lori,

Thanks again for a fabulous trip!! X2.

I’m compiling the pictures now and will pick the best ones and get them over to you. Probably will be over there next week.

We had a wonderful time. I can't say enough about the boat, the crew the gear and , of course, you and all your work to get us set up. It was extremely professional in every single aspect!

More to come…
Dec 5/8 2018

Nov 7 2018

Thanks Lori, I meant to email you last night (but we stayed in the Marina a bit to celebrate) to tell you we had a an absolute fantastic charter. The boat was clean and a great fit for us, and both captains worked very hard to put us on the fish. Very professional, and Omar was great with the kids when we hooked up.

And thanks for your service – loved the emails which helped a ton. We will send pictures when we can.

We will absolutely recommend your charters!



Michael A. Jacobus, Esq.
Novins, York & Jacobus, P.A.
Fishing Date Nov 6 2018

Hello there!

... please be sure and look at our VIP Guest Photos and visit our Facebook page and our Twitter is @CaboMagic of course!

"We Are Ready To Hook You Up!" © 1999

Hi Lori,

One great bucket list day.

The crew was terrific, they worked really hard all day, very friendly. The crew really knew what they were doing, it was very interesting watching the technique and so many things that come second nature to them.

Despite depositing my breakfast into the ocean, I had a great time, absolutely terrific day on the water!

Thanks again!

Lake Forest, Illinois
34' Capt Roberto
Dec 27 2017

Please see VIP Guest Photo

Nov 16 2017

Hi Tommy and Lori,
... We had a great time with Cpt Roberto and Jose. They were fantastic as was the boat and fishing. I will certainly work with Cabo Magic in the future. Attached is a pic for your fishing report if you like. 130 lb. striped marlin. In all we landed 2 dorado, 1 wahoo, and the marlin. Had another marlin to the boat and lots of hard strikes.
Great Time,
Brian Rahman PE
Executive Director of Engineering

Fishing Dates Nov 12/13 2017
Please see VIP Guest Photos


fished hard for marlin…salvaged the trip with a great tuna bite. Thanks to Captain for fishing me hard and long! Good times and will return.

Brad Lail
Hickory, North Carolia
Fishing Date Aug 7, 2017
29' Cruiser
Please see VIP Guest Photo

July 24, 2017

I can't stop talking about this day, I think you made me into a fisherman. Some pics of the day are attached... and thanks for the magnet!! You're the best!

Sunland, California

Fishing Date July 17, 2017
31' Bertram


We had a great time. My grandson is hooked now.
I will be in contact with you when we get back. There's some things I would like to talk to you guys about. ( good things ). Thanks again. The crew was fantastic.

Doug Jones
Fishing Date 7/10/17

Hello Lori,

The trip was great! Dad did amazing. Caught one of the big roosters, went for a jet ski ride, bartered with the vendors, bought 24 boxes of cigars and we all ate some great food. Thank you to you and your guys for a great fishing (catching) experience. I shared our fishing experience with many folks while in Cabo and highly recommended you, hopefully will drive some more business to you.


Fishing Date June 7,2017 43' Hatteras

June 10, 2017

Yaaaaas! Lori, we had a great time. Eating it after at the restaurant was the best haha

Thanks for setting it all up for us.

Sent from my iPhone

Fishing Date June 10, 2017
43' Hatteras

April 20, 2017

Hi Lori!

So sorry to be out of touch for so long, had a ton of work to catch up on after getting back from Cabo! Yes, we had a great time with both captains, and both catered to our needs beautifully. Unfortunately due to the winds, I was unable to fish over San Jaime banks as I had originally wished, but we still found some good deep water with structure on the Sea of Cortez side. I've attached some of my own pictures for your entertainment. In total, I caught 14 new species of fish on this trip to Cabo bringing my documentation to 947 species of fish caught worldwide! Feel free to browse my website to see the catches I've encountered. By the way, I did hook a Parrotfish!! Unfortunately, it was a fairly large one and I had hooked it on light line so after a few minutes of fighting, it took me under a rock ledge and broke me off. Beautiful fish though, would have loved to land and photograph it! Anyways, I will be back to try and fish San Jaime in the future, and will be contacting you again! Thanks once again for the smooth experience!


Please see VIP Guest Photos

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