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VIP Guest Photos

VIP Guest Photos
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Oct 18 2021
VIP Guests visiting from Redding, CA
Ron and Julia Rossiter - Julia's niece went in her place
Mike Rossiter - Dad
Katie Wood - sister
Celebrating Ron's 53 Birthday
28' Cruiser Oct 18 2021

Day two for returning VIP Guests Roger and Renee Davis with friends.

Visiting from Mt Vernon, Washington

Roger and Renee Davis, Jeff Ruiz, Josh Garrett, Josh Zimmerman, and Courtney Zimmerman

40' Custom Oct 18 2021

Return VIP Guests
Kevin and Jennifer Will
Ryan and Christina Vickers
Dane Korthauer
Josefina Aguirre
Celebrating Kevin and Jennifer's 15th Wedding Anniversary VIP Guests visiting from Rohnert Park, California
Jeff Coddington and Jeremy Rogers
Oct 18 2021
43' Hatteras
Oct 19 2021
VIP Guests visiting from Charleston, South Carolina
Jesse and Lea Lempesis
Joe and Stephanie Thomas
Brett and Ashley Davey

36' Cabo Oct 18 2021
Craig and Claudia Foster
Houston, Texas

34' Blackfin Oct 6 2021
35' Cabo

VIP Guests visiting from Holland, Ohio
Chuck Neptune
Michael Boyd Sr
Catherine Sobel
Cindy Neptune
Christopher Martinez
Lara Martinez Sunday Oct 17 2021
Celebrating Wedding Anniversary #40
VIP Guests Jeff and Linda Fleming visiting from Sullivan, Missouri
Please visit our INSTAGRAM page for video!

28' Cruiser #1
Oct 16 2021

VIP Guests visiting from Las Vegas, Nevada 
Mark and Yelena Erculei,
Edward Burke and Mary Sinobio
Ready to go!

36' Cabo Honeymoon time!
Oct 16 2021
Roger and Renee Davis, Jeff Ruiz, Chris Ruiz, Threse Zavala, and Josh Garret
Visiting from Mt Vernon, Washington
Day One
34' Blackfin Sunday Oct 3 2021
Return and new VIP Guests 
Sam Sexton 
Stephen Sexton
James Kirkpatrick
Visiting from Waco, Texas
28' Cruiser Oct 14 2021

VIP Guests visiting from Boise, Idaho
David Travers and Becky Webb

34' Blackfin
Bounty: Dorado and Skipjack
Oct 1 2021
Return and New VIP Guests visiting from Parker Texas
James Archer
Dylan Archer
Brent Bigler
CR&R Blue Marlin + Dorado
32' Cabo Express Monday Oct 4 2021

VIP Guests Chip Lindloff and Chris Webster
Visiting from Reno NV and West Chester OH

43' Hatteras Hopefully we have now resolved the issue and can post photos!  

Oct 11 2021
VIP Guests visiting from Fairfield, California
Freddy & Araceli Flores
Milan Flores
Omar Rodriguez
Lorenzo Rodriguez
Aaron & Maria Osorio
Roman Osorio
Mateo Osorio
Guillermo Navarro 

43' Hatteras
Bounty DORADO Two days adventure on our 70' Custom Luxury Yacht for the JAMIN ARN Group visiting from Beloit, Wisconsin
Sept 20 2021
VIP Guests visiting from Rockford, Illinois
John and Crystal Hahn
Nice bounty for 1/2 day!
28' Cruiser #2 VIP Guests visiting from Mercersburg, Pennsylvania
Dan and Stacie Mullenix

Sept 27 2021
34' Blackfin This is the ORIGINAL Artwork Design T-shirt from 1999.

We are having technical issues with this site .. This is our ORIGINAL website, built from scratch, years before google ---- and does not have google technology built in.  

Our original webmaster, Alan Zygaitis, Tommy's childhood friend, bassist and occasional keyboardist for DANGER and ICEPAK passed away Dec 2020.  

So if you are looking for current VIP Guest photos please take a look at our Instagram page.

We thank you and wish you BEST FISHES! Tribute Test
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